Scandinavian Capital – Hint: It’s Not Just One

Scandinavian capital

The great Scandinavia is filled with wonder that meets more than just the eye. Scandinavia is known as a historical region on the peninsula of North Europe with over 24 million inhabitants as a collective.  It is filled with eye-opening coastal sceneries (e.g., Møns Klint), hiking trails (e.g., Kungsleden), cycling trails (e.g., Mývatn), winter wonders … Read more

Meet the Hottest Swedish Women

Swedish women

Sweden is not only home to picturesque natural landscapes, hunting, and design;  it is also home to some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous Swedish women that you might know! These Swedish women are known for their captivating eyes or heartwarming smiles and for what they have accomplished throughout their lives, both personally and career-wise. In … Read more

Hunting in Sweden – Everything You Need to Know

Hunting in Sweden

Hunting in Sweden has been a long-standing activity that Swedes have been doing from the mid-13th century until this very day. With Sweden’s vast wilderness, it makes it no surprise why hunting is still ever-present throughout families and communities. Hunting and consuming the hunted meat is firmly embedded in Sweden’s cultural roots as every 39th … Read more

Sweden Gun Laws and Gun Ownership in Sweden

Sweden gun laws

In contrast to the US and other countries globally, a significant proportion of Swedes own firearms in respect to Sweden gun laws. Sweden sits among the world’s top countries with the highest guns owned per capita at about 23 per 100 population.  The Culture of Firearms Wildlife hunting is one of the most common reasons … Read more

Sweden Flag – Colors, Meaning and History

Sweden flag

Sweden flag consists of a blue background and a gold or yellow colored Nordic cross. This is an asymmetric cross, where the crossbar is moved towards the interior edge of the flag. The Nordic cross in this flag represents Christianity. According to historians, it is believed that the colors and design of the flag represents … Read more