100 Most Common Swedish Surnames and Their Meanings

Did you know that over 3.5 million Swedish surnames are associated with nature? Swedish surnames or Swedish last names have been widely known for their deep roots in the Old Norse, religious figures, and a lot of nature! In addition, Swedes take their love and respect towards nature to another level, making it no surprise why they have attached natural elements into numerous Swedish surnames. 

If you happen to want to know more about Swedish surnames and the meanings behind them, then this article is just for you! 

The 100 Most Common Swedish Surnames

Among the hundreds, if not thousands of Swedish surnames, the top 100 Swedish last names made it to the official charts of the 100 most common Swedish surnames.

RankSurname Count Meaning 
1Andersson224 669It means “son of Andrew,” where Andrew means “strong and manly.” Making it the ace of all Swedish last names!
2Johansson 223 196The Swedish last name simply means “son of Johan.” Johan is a Scandinavian version of John, Which means “God is good” in Greek. 
3Karlsson 199 027It is derived from the name Karl, which simply means “son of Karl.” Karl means “manly or macho.” 
4Nilsson 153 251 Meaning “son of Nil,” where Nil can either mean “cloud” for boys or “the Nile” for girls. Making it one of the great Swedish last names for boys or girls. 
5Eriksson 134 683 Widely known as a patronymic hereditary Swedish surname that means “son of Erik.”  
6Larsson 113 096 Meaning “son of Lars.” Lars is a Scandinavian form of Laurentius, which means “crowned with laurel.” 
7Olsson 101 961 It means “son of Olaf.” Olaf is a Norse name that means “ancestor’s relic.”
8Persson 96 344 It simply means “son of Pers.” Pers means “stone” or “rock” in Greek. 
9Svensson 90 221The surname means “son of Sven.” Sven is a Scandinavian name that means “youth.” 
10Gustafsson 88 272 Meaning “son of Gustav,” where Gustav is an Old Norse word that means “Staff of Geats.” Geats is an ancient tribe name back in the old days. 
11Petersson85 760 It means “son of Peter.” Peter means “rock” or “stone” and is a highly regarded Biblical figure in Christianity. 
12Jonsson 67 432 Meaning “son of Jon.” Jon is a variation of John or Jonathan that means “God is gracious” or “gift of Jehovah.” 
13Jansson 45 179 The Swedish surname means “son of Jans,” where Jans is an alteration of Jane that means “God is gracious.” 
14Hansson 39 948 Meaning “son of Hans.” Hans, diminutive of the name Johannes means “God is gracious.” 
15Bengtsson 31 214 It means “son of Bengst,” where Bengst is the Swedish form of Benedict that means “Blessed one.” 
16Jönsson28 379Meaning “son of Jön,” where Jön is the short form of Johannes, means “God is gracious.” Placing it among the favorite Swedish last names to date!
17Lindberg 26 935 The Swedish surname originated from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that means “Mountain of linden.” 
18Jakobsson 25 435 It means “son of Jakob.” Jakob is an alteration of Jacob that means supplanter in Hebrew origins. 
19Magnusson 24 850 Meaning “son of Magnus,” where Magnus means means “greatest” in Latin. One of the great Swedish last names indeed. 
20Olofsson 24 216 This name means “son of Olof,” where Olof is an alteration of Olaf that means “ancestor’s relic.” 
21Lindström24 158 Comprises of the Swedish elements lind, which means “linden tree,” and ström, which means “stream.” 
22Lindqvist 22 324 This Swedish last name means “linden twig.” It is one of the most elegant yet straightforward Swedish last names today. 
23Lindgren 22 052The name means “branch of a lime tree” and is one of the best nature-related Swedish last names to date!
24Berg 21 453It means “mountain” and is a common name for people who came from or lived on a hill/mountain. 
25Axelsson 21 445Meaning son of Axel, where Axel means “father of peace.” 
26Bergström20 594A topographic name that is a combination of the word berg which means “mountain,” and ström which means “stream.” 
27Lundberg 20 504It carries the meaning of “mountain grove.” 
28Lind 20 284A unisex name that can either mean “marshlands of Lincolnshire” for girls or “island of linden trees” for boys.  
29Lundgren19 847 Meaning “grove branch,” and is associated with the popular Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren.
30Lundqvist 19 512 This surname consists of the elements lund, which means “grove,” and qvist, which means “twig or branch.” 
31Mattson 18 749 Means “son of Matt,” where Mat is a shortened version of Matthew that means “God’s gift.” 
32Berglund 19 535 A Swedish ornamental name that means “mountain grove.” 
33Fredriksson 17 511Meaning “son of Fredrik,” where Fredrik means “peaceful ruler.” 
34Sandberg 17 300 This name means “Sand Mountain.” 
35Henriksson 16 735 Meaning “son of Henrik.” Henrik is a variation of the name Henry that means “estate ruler.” 
36Forsberg 16 237 The Swedish surname means “river in a meadow.” 
37Sjöberg16 099 This name means “mountain in a sea.” 
38Ali 15 969 A unisex Swedish surname that means “supreme, exalted.” 
39 Wallin 15 806 Derived from the English word Wealdwine, which means “powerful friend.” 
40Mohamed 15 639 A spelling variation of the name Muhammad means “praiseworthy.” 
41Engström15 224 It means “the river near a meadow.”
42Eklund 14 974 The Swedish surname carries the elements Ek, which means “oak,” and lund, which means “grove.” 
43Danielsson 14 708 It means “son of Daniel.” Daniel is a Hebrew-originated name that means “God is my judge.” 
44Lundin 14 647 The name means “of the grove.” 
45Håkansson14 350 Means “son of Hakan,” where Hakan means “emperor” or “ruler” in Turkish. 
46Björk14 086 A name derived from the Old Norse means “birch.” 
47Bergman 14 012 The name is carried by the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman that means “mountain man.” 
48Gunnarsson 13 913 This surname means means “son of Gunnar.” Gunnar means “bold warrior.” 
49Holm 13 790 The Swedish surname is derived from the Old Norse, which means “a small island.” 
50Wikström13 702 This means “Bay stream” in Swedish. 
51Samuelsson 13 522Meaning “son of Samuel.” In Hebrew origins, Samuel is a well-known Biblical figure in Christianity that means “told by God.” 
52Isaksson13 376An Anglo-Saxon-originated name that simply means “son of Isaac.” 
53Fransson 13 258It means “son of Frans,” where Frans means “Frenchman” or “free man.” 
54Bergqvist 13 162An ornamental name that contains the elements berg meaning mountain, and qvist meaning “twig or branch.” 
55Nyström12 956 A late medieval topographic surname that means “river” or “wide stream.” 
56Holmberg 12 818The name means “a hill on an island.” 
57Arvidson 12 705 Means “son of Arvid.” Arvid is a Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish name that means “eagle-tree.” 
58Löfgren12 555This beautiful surname carries the natural elements Löf meaning “leaf” and gren meaning “branch.” 
59Söderberg12 357 It consists of the elements Söder meaning “south,” and berg meaning “mountain.” 
60Nyberg 12 282 This name consists of the ny, which means “new,” and berg, which means “mountain.” 
61Blomqvist 12 157 The Swedish surname means “flower branch.” 
62Claesson 11 949 The name simply means “son of Claes.” Claes is an alternate version of the name Nicholas that means “victory of the people.” 
63Nordström11 887 It means “Northern River.” 
64Ahmed 11768 An Arabic originated name that means “greatly praised.” 
65Mårtensson11 578 Means “son of Mårten,” where Mårten means “warlike” and is often associated with the Roman god Mars. 
66Lundström11 419 It consists of lund meaning “grove,” and ström meaning “stream.” 
67Hassan11 267 An Arabic rooted name that means “handsome.” 
68Viklund11 226 A Swedish ornamental name that means “bay grove.” 
69Björklund11 140 It comprises the elements Björk meaning “birch tree,” and lund meaning “grove.” 
70Eliasson11 107A unisex name that means “son of Elias.” Elias is a variation of Elijah that means “Yahweh is my God.” 
71Pålsson10 984 Means “son of Pål,” where Pål is a Swedish version of the name Paul that means “humble” in Latin. 
72Berggren10 968 The Swedish surname means “mountain branch.” 
73Sandström10 632 It consists of sand which means “sand,” and ström, which means “stream.” 
74Lund10 502It is derived from the Old Norse word lundr that means “grove.” 
75Nordin10 483This Swedish surname mans “of North.” Nordin is known as Nur-al-din in Arabic, where Nur means “light” and al-din means “religion.” 
76Ström10 211It is derived from the Swedish element ström, which means “stream.” 
77Åberg10 191 Derived from Swedish roots, that means “hill” or “island mountain.” 
78Falk 10 103It is known as an occupational name that means “falcon trainer.” 
79Ekström10 079 Consists of the elements Ek which means “oak tree,” and ström, which means “river.” 
80Hermansson10 064 Meaning “son of Herman.” Herman is a German-rooted name that means “soldier” or “warrior.” 
81Holmgren9 865The Swedish surname consists of holme meaning “islet” and gren meaning “branch.” 
82Hellström9 739 Known as an ornamental Swedish surname that comprises hall that means “rock,” and ström that means “river.” 
83Dahlberg 9 732 A combination of the elements dal meaning “valley” and berg meaning “mountain.” 
84Hedlund 9 696It contains the elements hed meaning “heath, moor,” and lund meaning “grove.” 
85Sundberg 9 593 Comprises of Sund that means “Strait,” and berg, which means “mountain.” 
86Sjögren9 586It has the elements Sjö, meaning “lake, sea,” and gren meaning “branch.” 
87Ek 9 447 The surname simply means “oak.” 
88Blom 9 396In Swedish, it means “bloom, flower.” 
89Abrahamsson 9 223Obtained from the name Abraham from the Bible that means the “Father of many or multitudes.” 
90Martinsson 9201Meaning “son of Martin.” Martin means “warlike” in Latin. 
91Öberg9 192The name means “Hilly Island.” 
92Andreasson 8 942 It means “son of Andrea,” where Andrea means “strong and manly.” 
93Strömberg8 866Meaning “mountain with a river.” 
94Månsson8 839It means “son of Måns,” where Måns is a variation of Magnus that means “great.” 
95Hansen 8 656 The surname means “son of Hans.” Hans means “God is gracious.”  
96Åkesson8 638 An Old Norse name derived from the word Aki and has the element anu, which means “ancestor” or “father.” 
97Dahl 8 568An ornamental name that is derived from the element dal that means “valley.” 
98Lindholm 8 536 The Old Norse name consists of lind, meaning “linden tree,” and holmr meaning “small island.” 
99Norberg 8 514 It has the elements Nord which means “north,” and berg, which means mountain. 
100Holmqvist 8 473 It combines the Swedish elements holm meaning “small island” and qvist meaning “twig.” 

Nature and Swedish Surnames

Swedish surnames that have a natural element or two are pretty common. There are over one-third of Swedes with Swedish surnames associated with nature. These include trees, streams, mountains, groves, and animals (just about anything related to nature). 

You may have noticed plenty of Swedish surnames that end with -son, which has a historical reason! This name basis is called the patronymic icon, in which a father’s first name becomes Swedish surnames. So, say a father’s name was Axel Andersson, then his child’s surname would be Axelsson. Statistically, about 2.7 million Swedish surnames end with -son.

Though 2.7 million may seem like a lot for the number of -son Swedish surnames, there are even more Swedish last names (3.4 million or 35 percent of the population) linked to nature! An example of this would be Lindholm, where Lind means “linden tree” and holm means “small island.” Even son-ending Swedish surnames could have nature associated with them, such as Arvidsson, where Arvid means eagle-tree. 

In Scandinavia, there are plenty of great surnames to choose from! Mainly, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish surnames are among the top picks. Unlike Swedish surnames, you may notice that most Norwegian and Danish last names end with -sen instead of -son but still carry the same meaning. But some Norwegian/Danish/Swedish surnames have been preferred more than others, eventually making their way to this top 10 Scandinavian names list! They include: 


Meaning “son of Jens.” In Hebrew, Jens is a Danish form of John that means “God is gracious” or “Yahweh is gracious.” 


Known as one of the top Swedish surnames to date, the name means “son of Niel.” Niel simply means “cloud” in Irish. 


It means “son of Hans,” where Hans is a simplified version of Johannes. Johannes means “God is gracious.” 


The name means “son of Peder.” Peder is a Scandinavian variation of Peter, where Peter means “rock” or “stone” in Greek. 


One of the infamous Swedish surnames that made it to the list that means “son of Anders.” Anders means “strong and manly.”


Meaning “son of Olaf,” where Olaf means “ancestor’s relic.” And yes, just like Disney’s talking snowman cartoon character!


This name means “son of Karl.” Karl is a Scandinavian variation of Charles, which means “man” or “free man.” 


It means “son of Sven,” where Sven implies youth. It is also known as one most used Swedish surnames to this day! 


Known as one of the most commonly used Swedish surnames that means “son of Erik.” Erik means “eternal ruler.” 


It is commonly used as Danish and Norwegian surnames that means “son of Rasmus.” Rasmus is derived from Greek origins that means “beloved.” 

Swedish surnames

With various Swedish surnames with distinct meanings, they certainly make unique names for any Swede you meet. Though Swedish surnames ending with -son and associated with nature are the more common ones, there are still plenty of other Swedish surnames related to other things like Christianity or Greek and Roman history. Whichever one of the diverse Swedish surnames you may come across, now you know a thing or two about them!

If you’re curious about more, check out the most popular Swedish names for girls and boys.

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