Scandinavian Capital – Hint: It’s Not Just One

Scandinavian capital

The great Scandinavia is filled with wonder that meets more than just the eye. Scandinavia is known as a historical region on the peninsula of North Europe with over 24 million inhabitants as a collective.  It is filled with eye-opening coastal sceneries (e.g., Møns Klint), hiking trails (e.g., Kungsleden), cycling trails (e.g., Mývatn), winter wonders … Read more

Sweden Flag – Colors, Meaning and History

Sweden flag

Sweden flag consists of a blue background and a gold or yellow colored Nordic cross. This is an asymmetric cross, where the crossbar is moved towards the interior edge of the flag. The Nordic cross in this flag represents Christianity. According to historians, it is believed that the colors and design of the flag represents … Read more