40 Unique Swedish Names for Boys and Their Meanings

To just about any parent expecting a baby boy, choosing a name for them is one of the most meaningful and memorable moments in a lifetime. Most unique Swedish names for boys have distinct and deep meanings as they root back to the Old Norse, religions, and nature! To many others, shortlisting names can be a tough challenge, but not for you. This article entails all the Swedish names for boys you may want to consider. 

Top 10 Popular Swedish boy names

Sweden is blessed with beautiful landscapes and is known for its unique culture. This is reflected in some of the most popular Swedish boy names as they root back to the Old Norse, the age of Vikings, and are tied closely to nature and Swedish culture. 

Swedish names for boys

1. Noah 

Noah has reigned as the champing name for Swedish boy names and is an all-time popular name of choice for Sweden newborn boys. The name can be for both boy or girl and is a Hebrew-rooted name that means “rest” and “repose.” The name has been tied back to a Biblical figure named Noah. He was deemed as the only righteous man appointed to build the ark to save him, his family, and every pair of animals in the world from the great flood. 

2. William 

William or Wilhelm in German, composed of wil or “will,” and helm implying to a helmet, that means “resolute protection” or “strong-willed protector.” The name is based on English roots and was introduced by William the Conqueror in England. From William Shakespeare to Swedish Prince Wilhem, Duke of Södermanland, William has been a prevalent name. It stands as one of the long-standing classic Swedish names for boys until now. 

3. Hugo 

The name comes in two forms, Hugo or Hugh in Latin. It is sourced from various origins, including German, Spanish, and Portuguese roots. Hugo carries the meaning of “mind” or “intellect.” The name’s ties to Christianity, history, and has a European touch to it, keeps it on top of the charts of Swedish names for boys. If you didn’t know already, the name has been popularized by the fashion realm’s Hugo Boss and Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chavez, making it no stranger to the world. 

4. Lucas 

Being one of the most sought names in Sweden and the Netherlands, Lucas earned the spot due to its distinctiveness from “Luke.” Lucas, Lukas, or Loukas (in Greek) is a Latin-originated name that means “light” or “bright one” or “bringer of light.” Interestingly, Lucas also means “man from Lucania,” where Lucania is an ancient territory in Southern Italy. The name has soared high in popularity for Swedish names for boys as the name is carried by the infamous Lucas Skywalker, a character in the Star Wars saga. 

5. Liam 

Liam is short for William, with a more straightforward and catchier take. Initially known as Uilliam, an Irish variation of William, Liam made its way to Ireland when the Britons fled England after the Norman Conquest. The name is derived from English and Germanic roots that mean “resolute protection.” Liam is popularized by well-known public figures such as Liam Neeson (actor) and Liam Payne (artist). It is a top pick for Swedish names for boys and a reigning elite name in the US. 

6. Oscar 

Though the name seems to imply its Scandinavian origins, it is actually of English, Irish origins that means “God of Spear,” “Deer-lover,” or “Champion warrior.” Oscar also comes from Norse roots from the Old English Osgar, originally known as Ásgeirr in Old Norse. According to Irish history, the name was associated with one of the greatest warriors during the time; a legend, they say. Its name carries great meanings and deep ancestral roots, making it no surprise why it made it one of the best Swedish boy names. 

7. Oliver 

The name was originally Olivier, the Norman French variation of Alfher (in German) or Oleifr (in the Old Norse). In Latin, Oliver means oliva, which means “olive tree.” The name itself is thought to be full of energy, of good nature, and catchy. The name caught the attention of many through a French poem called ‘La Chanson de Roland’ in medieval England,’ through a character named Oliver. The name is still paving its way in the top list of Swedish names for boys across Scandinavia. 

8. Matteo 

An Italian spinoff from Matthew originates from Hebrew roots, which means “gift of God.” Alternatively, Matteo is often shortened to Mats in Sweden, as it is associated with Mats Wilander, a Swedish tennis athlete. The fact that its variations and spellings can be easily altered keeps it fresh and trendy. A great name to keep in mind for your Swedish boy names list, for sure. 

9. Elias 

The Greek-rooted name is also associated with Elijah or Eli, which means “Yahweh is God.” Elias is a strong name full of charisma that has been used as a character name in novels written by various authors such as Anthony Trollope, Thomas Hardy, and Sir Walter Scott. Fun fact: Elias is the middle name of Robert Downey Jr’s son and the creator of Disney, Walt Disney himself! This kept it highly sought as one of the favorite Swedish male names for parents. 

10. Adam  

Adam is a name of Hebrew descent that carries the meaning of “son of the red earth.” In the Old Testament of the Bible, Adam is the first man God created to inhabit the earth on the seventh day. The name has been gloriously popularized by Adam Sandler (US comedian and actor) and Adam Levine (American artist and singer). An option for Swedish names for boys you definitely do not want to miss out on. 

Unique Swedish names for boys

While the popular picks for Swedish names for boys are distinct in their way, there are several rare and outstanding Swedish boy names you can choose. A majority of these names originate from Norse and Scandinavian roots and are associated with warriors and strength. The list should have a handful of great names for baby boys. 

1. Odin 

Odin originated from Norse roots and is the name of the supreme Norse god of culture, art, wisdom, and law. Odin was known to be charming, handsome, and articulate. Odin was also known as the father of Thor, the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning. The name emphasizes a sense of great strength, power, and potential. Odin is undoubtedly one of the Swedish boy names that stand out among the crowd. 

2. Folke 

The name originated from Scandinavian roots and carries the meaning of “humans; a chief” and “the people’s guardian.” Folke is one of the top Swedish names for boys and only in Sweden, as it is very seldomly recognized anywhere else. 

3. Niklas 

Niklas is known to have Greek origins and is a Scandinavian version of the name Nicholas. The name carries the meaning of “people of victory” or “success belongs to the people.” It is also known as one of the Swedish names for boys that are linked to Judaism. It is an interesting take and tweaks to the regular Nicholas among Swedish boy names. 

4. Ville 

Ville is a Finnish and Swedish shortened variation of William that means “helmet” and “resolute protection.” Ville is doubtlessly an excellent choice for Swedish names for boys. Still, it may not be as relatively known as the likes of Liam or Pim as other versions of William. 

5. Gerhart 

Gerhart is a name of English and Irish origins that means “the one who is courageous by holding the spear” or “ruler with the spear.” The name is a tweak to the name of Gerald and is one of the Swedish names for boys linked to Christianity. 

6. Kristian 

The name is a Danish and Greek variation of the name Christian, which simply means “follower of Christ” or “Christian.” Kristian is unsurprisingly one of the Swedish boy names that have been linked to Christianity. The name is a top pick in Norway and is widely known among the commonly recognized Swedish names for boys. 

7. Ludvig 

Ludvig is arguably known as one of the acknowledged traditional Swedish names for boys with Scandinavian and Germanic origins. Ludvig can either mean “famous warrior” or “a respected warrior.” Ludvig is often contrasted with the all-time great composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven. It truly makes one of the great Swedish boy names that signify power. 

8. Walter 

Walter is one of the favorite Swedish names for boys that is of Germanic origins. The name carries the meaning of “army ruler,” “power,” and “warrior.” Walter has also been known as one of the few Swedish names for boys associated with nobility, noted by the likes of Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Walter Scott. 

9. Stefan 

The name is German-rooted and a Scandinavian, German, Polish, and Russian variation of the name Stephen. Stefan means “garland,” “wealth,” and “crown.” This makes it an excellent choice for Swedish names for boys to distinguish from the likes of the common name of Stephen. 

10. Alex 

Alex is a Greek-originated name that can be used for either boy or girl, which means “defending men” or “protector of humankind.” It is one of the simple yet glorious Swedish names for boys as it is linked to the infamous Alexander the Great, one of history’s greatest military minds to walk on the face of the earth. 

Swedish male names  

Most of these names are often associated with Christianity. They are variations from foreign names with multiple origins rooted in them. They are associated with God, royalty, and strength. These names are primarily for Sweden men and are distinct from Swedish boy names. 

1. Lars

Lars originates from Latin and Scandinavian roots that means “crowned with laurel,” “triumphant,” and “victorious one.” The name is no stranger throughout multicultural countries outside Sweden due to its familiarity and friendliness with a touch of charisma to it. Two significant figures such as Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Lars von Trier, a film director, have carried the name. These factors made Lars one of the most used Swedish male names to date. 

2. Mikael 

The name, derived from Michael, its original form, has Scandinavian and Finnish origins. In its Hebrew form (Michael), it means “Who is like God?” According to the Bible, Michael is known as the mighty archangel that claimed victory in the war between angels and Satan. He is one of the two archangels (the other known as Gabriel) is widely acknowledged by Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Though Mikael may not be as worldly as the likes of Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson, Mikael is still one of the outstanding Swedish names for boys. 

3. Anders 

Anders, a Scandinavian version of the name Andrew, is an English-, Greek-, and Latin-rooted name that means “strong and manly” and “priceless” in Latin. The name is associated with two religions, including Christianity and Greek. The name is popularized by a rising Danish badminton player, Anders Antonsen, who recently competed in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. With that being said, Anders currently ranks third spot in the most famous Swedish male names. 

4. Johan 

The name originated from Germanic roots, which means “God is gracious,” “Skilled,” or “Champion.” Johan is a classic name from Europe. The name is popularized by the infamous Johann Sebastian Bach, the German composer and musician, and the Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff (who played for FC Barcelona back in the day). One of the Swedish male names out there is associated with great talent and prowesses. 

5. Erik 

Erik, a slight tweak to the common name, Eric, has Norwegian, Scandinavian, and Slavic roots tied to it. Erik has been associated with Christianity which means “a ruler of the world,” or “eternal ruler.” It is one of the most distinct yet straightforward Swedish names for boys. 

6. Per 

It is a purely Scandinavian-originated name that is a variation of the name Peter. The name has two pronunciations, either as the English pear or pair. Per is often associated with Judaism and carries the meaning of “the person who is like a rock or stone.” Doubtlessly one of the most interesting Swedish male names to this day. 

7. Peter 

Peter is originally derived from Greek that means “rock” or “stone.” According to the New Testament in the Bible, Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus back in the day. Though he was formerly known as Simon, Jesus called him Peter as a way to signify that he would be the rock foundation where Christ would build Christianity. Indeed, the name stands as one of the Swedish male names filled with great meaning and deep history. 

8. Charles 

Obtained from Karl, its Germanic variation is a Germanic and French-rooted name that means “man” and “freeman.” Charles is known to be a royal name and is prominent in European countries. The noble Prince Charles of Wales and Charles Dickens, the infamous writer, the name has been carried. No wonder it is one of the top picks for Swedish male names. 

9. Thomas 

Thomas is a name of Aramaic origin that means “twin.” In Greek, its variation to the name is Ta’oma’. Based on Christianity, the name was derived because there were simply too many apostles named Judas, so the name Thomas came about to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot. The infamous inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Alfa Edison, and the talented American actor Thomas Jeffrey Hanks have widely recognized the name. 

10. Jan 

The name comes from various origins, including Belgian, Czech, Hebrew, Polish, and Dutch roots, which means “Gift from God.” The name has been linked to Christianity as it is a variation from the name John. A particularly well-known figure is UFC’s current Light Heavyweight Champion, Jan Błachowicz. Its simplicity yet pure meaning helped pave its way to one of the most used Swedish male names. 

Popular male Scandinavian names 

In contrast to Swedish male names, male Scandinavian names tend to lean more closely to meanings that associate with nature, Norse gods, and, of course, Scandinavian culture. Without further ado, here are the most popular male Scandinavian names to date. 

1. Aaren

A tweak to the name Aaron originates from Scandinavia and Hebrew, which means “high mountain,” “exalted,” and “enlightened.” It is also known as one of the many Swedish names for boys associated with Christianity, as Aaren is the brother of Moses in the Bible. 

2. Leif 

Leif is a Scandinavian-rooted name that means “heir” or “descendant. It is one of the most acknowledges Swedish names for boys as Leif Erikson, an Icelandic explorer, popularized it. The name also has a similar pronunciation to the word leaf in English-speaking countries but is pronounced as Layf in Scandinavia. 

3. Soren 

The name Soren can be spelled in two ways: Sören or Søren, and pronounced as “Sur-ern.” The name is of Danish origins and is a variation of the name Severus that means “stern.” Scandinavia is known as a soft and sensitive name and has made its way to the US for boy names. Like many other Swedish names for boys, Soren has been linked to Christianity. 

4. Arne 

 Arne has two origins: Scandinavian and Dutch roots that mean “ruler” or “strong as an eagle.” It is particularly pronounced as “Arn-eh.” It is one of the famous Swedish names for boys used in Denmark and Norway, especially. 

5. Björn 

The name is pronounced as “B-orn” and spelled as Bjørn in certain parts of Scandinavia, such as Norway and Denmark. Bjorn is a Swedish-rooted name that means “bear” and is known as one of the most well-known Swedish names for boys to date. The name was popularized by Björn Borg, the tennis player who won five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles and six French opens. A name of great strength indeed. 

6. Axel 

Axel is a German- and Scandinavian-rooted name that means “father of peace.” Axel is one of the favorite Swedish names for boys. It is used by the likes of Guns N’ Rose Axel Rose and as the Scandinavian version of the Biblical Absalom, King David’s son. It is also a name rising in the ranks in US charts. 

7. Bo 

The name is a Norse-rooted name that means “to live.” Its simplicity makes it an intriguing option as one of the most sought-for Swedish names for boys. It is commonly found in most Norse countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, in particular. 

8. Kai 

Kai is known as a name of multiple cultures as it has roots in Germany, Norway, Wales, and Hawaii, which means “sea,” “restoration,” and “recovery.” Kai paved its way as one of the most popular Swedish names for boys in Denmark, especially s it was a character’s name in a book called the Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Andersen. 

9. Thor 

Thor is a Norse-originated name that means “thunder.” It is associated with the Norse hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightning, and strength. He was known as the son of the great Norse god Odin and has also made its way to the big screens in Marvel’s The Avengers and even has several movies after the name. This makes it one of the boldest Swedish names for boys out there. 

10. Olaf 

The name originates from Norse roots that simply means “ancestor’s relic.” It is one of the Swedish names for boys associated with Scandinavian history. Disney’s Frozen character has popularized the name as a bright and charismatic snowman. 

Swedish names for boys

Every one of the listed Swedish names for boys in any of these categories is outstanding and in-depth in its unique way. With various pronunciations, spellings, and origins, it is only a matter of your personal preference until you decide on your perfect and final name of choice. Even if you are not expecting a baby boy just yet, may these names and their meanings serve as an eye-opener to Sweden’s diverse culture, religion, and history.

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