65 Unique Swedish Girl Names and Their Meanings

Whether you plan to have or are expecting a baby girl, naming is one of the most memorable and beautiful moments of their lives just as well as yours, especially in Sweden. Many Swedish girl names root back to ancient Norse sagas, religious cultures, and even from nature! Choosing names can be overwhelming, with countless options out there to choose from. Luckily, this article compiled a list of all of the top unique Swedish girl names that you may want to know about in one place. 

Top 10 Popular and Unique Swedish girl names 

Sweden is enriched with various enchanting and meaningful names to choose from. Many of these Swedish girl names root back to ancient history, religion, and culture. They have been around for decades and even centuries for their contentful formatting and timelessness. 

1. Alice 

The name has claimed the top spot in the charts of Swedish girl names and has been the most popular and favored choice for Sweden newborn girls. Alice originates from English or Germanic roots, and the name is associated with being “kind” or “of noble origin.” No wonder Lewis Carroll decided to go with Alice in Wonderland in his work, one of the renowned beautiful Swedish girl names that resonate even beyond Sweden grounds. 

2. Maja 

Due to its purely Scandinavian name, Maja claims the second spot as one of the most famous Swedish girl names to date! Maja is associated in various ways. Some say that it means “the goddess of spring and warmth” or “splendid,” while other sources suggest that it means “of the sea.” Either way, Maja remains one of the most acknowledgedly beautiful Swedish girl names. 

3. Elsa 

With Frozen’s infamous Disney movie character, how can it not be one of the top Swedish girl names? Elsa is, in fact, a Nordic character in the movie, Frozen. The name was initially Elisabeth but was then shortened to Elsa, which means “pledged to God.” Unsurprisingly, the name has been one of the long-standing and inspiring Swedish girl names to Swedish girls from a decade ago to this day. 

4. Astrid 

The name was originally obtained from Ástríðr, a name comprising Old Norse elements that means “god” and “divinely beautiful.” Astrid has been known to be a royal Scandinavian name from way back in the 10th century. Astrid can also be related to other names such as Asta and Astride (in French). Fun fact: Astrid has also appeared as a character in Disney’s How to Train Your Dragon, as a young and beautiful warrior. Doubtlessly making it one of the great Swedish girl names out there. 

5. Wilma

Wilhelmina, or Wilma in short, is a name that is based on a German word that means “helmet,” where Wilma itself means “strength” and “the determined protector.” With that being said, any girl named Wilma is often raised to be strong and courageous to live up to their name and fearlessly face the world head-on despite its challenges. One of the boldest Swedish names for girls, indeed. 

6. Freja 

It is known as an old Norse name that means “noblewoman” or “lady.” Freja can be spelled in three ways: Freja, Freya, or Frida. Freja is well known as the Norse goddess of beauty, love, and fertility, where she was described as a blonde and blue-eyed beauty in Norse paganism. Tying back to Norse history, no wonder it is a popular choice for Swedish girl names.

7. Olivia 

The name Olivia was derived from oliva, a Latin word that is defined as “olive.” The olive has been associated with the symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, in ancient Greece, as Olivia means “peace” and “fertility.” Aside from being one of the well-known Swedish names for girls, Olivia is also widely recognized and used in other countries such as the UK, the US, and Canada. 

8. Selma 

Anselma, or Selma for short, has two variations in meaning. In Celtic origins, Selma means “beautiful view.” While in old German, the name means “helmet of God” and “safe.” As a matter of fact, the first woman author to win a Nobel prize for literature in Sweden is named Selma Lagerlof. Making Selma one of the top picks for Swedish girl names.

9. Alma 

The name comes from two origins, one in Sweden and another in Latin. In Swedish origins, Alma means “loving,” while in Latin origins, it means “nurturing soul” and “kind.” A lovely meaning indeed as one of the top Swedish girl names. Alma is also known as one of the simplest names in Sweden and often receives genuine appreciation for it. 

10. Ella 

Ella is a name with German, English origins that means “all complete” or “fairy maiden.”Ella is also known as a Hebrew name that means “goddess” in modern terms. In Scandinavia and many other English-speaking countries, Ella is more knowingly used as a shortened version or a diminutive of Elisabeth or Eleanor’s names that means “shining light.”  It is known as one of the most simple, timeless, yet sophisticated Swedish girl names on record. 

Swedish girl names and meanings 

Based on official records, these all-time popular Swedish names for girls are based on various origins and associated with public figures who, too, know the value behind these names. 

1. Agnes

This name originates from Greek, where it means “pure.” Agnes may have several variations where it can be Agnija, Agatha, or Aggie. The name has been known as one of the most common Swedish girl names for over 400 years. This led to the earning of its spot as one of the most famous Swedish girl names. 

2. Clara

Clara is a Latin-originated name that means “bright” and “clear.” The name can come in two other variations, which include Clarie or Klara, whichever is preferred. Clara is also the name of a German musician and composer named Clara Schumann and the founder of the Red Cross, Clara Barton. 

3. Elvira 

Elvira is a Spanish-derived name that means “white” and “fair.” Though the name does not have any known variations, it remains one of the famous Swedish girl names to date. Elvira is also the name of a German Olympic Runner, Elvira Possekel. 

4. Emma 

Popular in both Sweden and the US, Emma is a German-based name that means “universal,” which is no surprise why many girls around the world are named Emma. It is also a Germanic diminutive with the ermen root. According to the history books, the name is also known to be a royal name a few centuries back. The name is related to Lady Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson and muse painter George Romney. Due to its royal-related meaning, Emma is a contending choice among other Swedish girl names.

5. Greta 

Greta is a name originating from Germany that means “pearl.” The name is also well-acknowledged as famous girl names such as Hungary, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Greta also happens to be a Sweden-based US film actress, Greta Lovisa Gustaffson, back in the 1900s. As seen on national television and the local news, Greta Thunberg has also lived up to her name as a Swedish environmental activist. She challenges the status quo by taking on world leaders to fight climate change. Greta is undoubtedly one of the great and long-standing Swedish girl names to date. 

6. Lilly

It is a Latin-originated name that means the beautiful flower itself, “pure,” “passion,” and “rebirth.” Lilly can also be altered to a few variations, such as Lillian (extended version of Lilly), Lilion, Lily, and Lillie. Some famous figures carrying the name include Lilly Pulitzer (American fashion designer) and Lily Collins (British-American actress). 

7. Linnea 

Rooted from Swedish origins, Linnea is an enticing Scandinavian name meaning “Lime tree” and “twinflower.” The name is obtained from way back in the 18th century through Carl Linnaeus, developer of the Linnean system for animals and plants classifications. Making it no surprise why the name made its way to the all-time popular Swedish girl names. 

8. Lovisa 

An English-originated name that means “renowned warrior” can be altered to Lova as a variation. Lovisa is also the soprano and a Royal Swedish Academy of Music member back in the 18th century Lovisa Augusti. Though Lova is ranked higher than Lovisa, the two are not far apart in the top charts. 

9. Matilda 

Originating from Germanic roots, Matilda means “battle-mighty.” The name has two distinct variations: Millie (for the timid) and Tilda (for the courageous ones). The name is widely recognized as it even has a book called “Matilda,” an infamous book written by the one and only Roald Dahl. To this very day, it remains one of the most sought Swedish girl names in the books. 

10. Mila 

Mila is a Russian- and Slavic-rooted name where it means “gracious” and “dear.” It can also be altered as Ludmila, Milena, and Milica. The name has also been known by some of the world’s most renowned public figures, such as Mila Kunis (an American actress from Ukraine). It is also the former US President’s (George W. Bush) daughter’s daughter. A delicate and elegant name choice, indeed. 

11. Nellie 

Nellie is a Latin-based name that means “Sun ray.” The name can also be varied as Nelly, Nelli, or Cornelia. This simple yet catchy name is known as one of the widely recognized Swedish girl names out there. The name is carried by a famous Australian soprano named Dame Nellie Melba who gained popularity across several countries, including Europe, UK, and the US. 

12. Nova 

This Latin-originated name means “newness” and “great energy” and is derived from an astronomical term for a star that instantaneously shines brightly before fading. The name is also carried by Nova Pilbeam, a star in Hitchcock’s early films in Britain, who had family relations to Nova Scotia. A perfect name for the enthusiastic and energetic. 

13. Tuva 

Tuva is a Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian-rooted name that means “beautiful.” The name can also be varied as Tove, should you desire to switch it up a little. Tove Edfeldt, a Swedish actress, infamously carries the name. Tuva has also earned its spot in the top charts in both Sweden and Norway. 

14. Tyra

It is a Scandinavian-rooted name that means “beautiful”. It is also the name of the Indo-European god “thunder goddess.” A shortened variation of the name is Ty. Tyra (Tyra Banks) is the name of African American supermodel, actress, and entrepreneur. She is also a judge in the TV show America’s Next Top Model. 

15. Vera 

Vera is a Russian-transcended name that means “faith,” which can also be altered as Viera as another variation of the same meaning. The name is carried by some world-renown figures such as the iconic British World War 2 singer Vera Lynn, and the American fashion designer, Vera Wang. 

Unique Swedish girl names 

Though all Swedish names for girls are special in their own way, there are some rare yet unique Swedish girl names to choose from. With most of these names tying back to culture, religion, and foreign origins, this list should be worth the consideration for a distinct and standing-out name. 

1. Ebba 

Ebba is a German, English-based name that means “strong” or “fortress of riches,” similar to Ella, Emma, and Ada. Ebba is the Danish film actress Ebba Amfeldt and a Swedish concert pianist Ebba d’Aubert back in the 1900s and 1800s. It is known as one of the simple and most distinct names used for Swedish girl names. 

2. Effe

Effe is a Swedish-originated name and is often tied to Christianity, as the name means “well-spoken” or “one who tells and speaks the truth.” Effe is also used as a Finnish name and can also be varied as Effi. The name Effe has yet to be associated with renowned figures. Perhaps someday Effe’s out there will make history to be put in the records. 

3. Noah 

While Noah can be a name that works for both newborn boys and girls, Noah is a Hebrew-based name that means “motion.” Noah can either be spelt as it is or as Noa, whichever seems more favorable. The name is prevalent in Israel, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. The name is associated with a Biblical figure in Christianity and an American singer and songwriter, Noah Cyrus. 

4. Saga 

Also known to be the top 30 Swedish girl names, Saga is of Swedish origins, meaning “the all-seeing one” or “story; seeress.” Saga is also the Norse goddess of storytelling, history, and poetry. She could prophecy future happenings, tying back to the name’s meaning. 

5. Adahlia 

Adahlia, pronounced as a-doll-yuh, is both Hebrew- and Persian-based and means “fire god,” “respectable,” and “refuge.” In Hebrew, it is also associated with Yahweh or God, known for being just and right. 

6. Agda 

Agda is known as a Swedish-transcended name that means “kind-hearted,” “zealous to perfection,” and “of good relationship-building qualities.” Agda is known to be one the most uncommon yet unique Swedish names for girls to date.

7. Alvinia 

Alvinia is another alteration of the name Alvina that has English origins that means “elf-friend,” “Code of honor,” “of gregarious personality,” and “versatile nature.” The name has been adopted from Alvin but tweaked for a more feminine-sounding name. 

8. Annalisa 

A fusion of the names Anna and Lisa, Annalisa is a Swedish-originated name that means “graced with God’s bounty,” “favor,” “beautiful,” and “graceful meadow.” It could also be altered to Annali as a different variation. 

9. Caren 

Caren, also known as Carina as another variation, has Swedish origins that mean “genuine” and “pure woman.” This is one of the top Swedish names for girls associated with Christianity. 

10. Elina 

The name has various origins, including Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, and English, which means “bright” or “shining light.” Elina is also a variation of Helen, an English-based name. It is often compared for its similarity to Elena, Alina, and Helena. 

Traditional Swedish girl names 

Like many names, traditional Swedish names for girls have stood for centuries as some date back to the era of Vikings and Old Norse. In contrast, other names have roots from different origins that include Latin and German, that have reached Sweden grounds as these names transcend over time. 

1. Rosel 

As the name suggests, the name originated from Latin, which means rose, like the flower. Rosel is known as another variant of the name Rose. The name is often associated with a symbol of love, confidentiality, and romance. 

2. Ulla 

Ulla is known to be tied not only to Scandinavian and Norse history but also in German. The name means “the determined one” or one who is relentlessly willed. 

3. Blenda 

The name is known to have Latin origins that mean ‘dazzling bright” or “Heroine.” Known as one of the most traditional Swedish girl names, Blenda was the name of an old legend and female leader that defended Sweden from the Danish army. 

4. Kajsa

Kajsa, also known as Kaisa, is a Scandinavian-rooted name that means pure. Kajsa has also been associated with the Christian religion. 

5. Ingeborg 

Ingeborg is undoubtedly one of the unique Swedish girl names in the books, which means “the help of Ing.” Ing is one of the primary Old Norse gods, the goddess of peace, prosperity, and fertility. 

6. Ingrid 

The name is Norse-based and means “fair” and “Ing is beautiful.” Like the name Ingeborg, which begins with Ing-, Ingrid is associated with Ing, the Norse goddess of peace, prosperity, and fertility. Fun fact: Ingrid is the infamous Scarlett Johansson’s middle name. 

7. Annika 

Annika, a Swedish diminutive of Anna, that simply means “grace.” The name has multiple origins that include German, Russian, Scandinavian, and of course Swedish. 

8. Hanna 

Hanna, also varied as Hannah, is a Hebrew-rooted name that means “God’s given gift to me.” Apart from being based in Hebrew, it is also known to have French, Hungarian, and Polish origins. 

9. Birgitta 

Birgitta, also varied as Bridget, is a Scandinavian-based name that means “strength” or “the exalted one.” The name is also infamously carried by Saint Birgitta of Sweden, the patron saint of Europe. Making it both a traditional and noble name. 

10. Sussane 

Susanne, a shortened form of the name Sussanah and a variation of Sanne, is a Hebrew-rooted name that means “Lily,” as the elegant flower. This is also one of the Swedish names for girls that have been tied to Christianity. 

Swedish female names 

From universal to Scandinavian-rooted names, these names are officially the most common choice for Swedish female names. Most of these names are for Sweden women, as they differ drastically from Swedish girl names.

1. Anna 

It is known as a variation for Hannah and is also Hebrew-based, which means “grace.” Anna is the Latin version of Hannah, rooted in the word channan that gives its meaning, grace. Anna is one of the most widely acknowledged Swedish female names, especially for European Christians. It is often associated with Saint Anna, Virgin Mary’s mother. 

2. Eva

Eva, the Latin version of Eve, is a Hebrew-based name that means “life.” According to Christianity, Eve is knowingly the first woman ever created in the face of the earth. Eva is also a shortened version of the names Evie and Evita to keep things simpler for pronunciations. 

3. Maria 

Maria, a Latin- or Hebrew-rooted name, means “drop of the sea” or “beloved.” Maria is an all-time popular name in Sweden and also in Spanish-speaking countries. It is also a variation from Mary’s name and is still one of the most ever-present Swedish female names. 

4. Karina 

Karina is a Swedish-originated name that means “beloved,” flower,” chaste,” and “pure.” It is also a variation of Karin or the Danish version of Katherine. 

5. Sara

Sara, a shortened form of Sarah, is a name that originated from Hebrew that means “princess.” Based on Biblical history, Sarah is known as Abraham’s wife (the Father of many nations) and the 90-year-old mother of Isaac. This is also one of the top Swedish female names that relate to Christianity. 

6. Kirstina 

It is recognized as the Scandinavian variation of Christina with Scandinavian, Polish origins that mean “the anointed” or “Christian.” It is evidently more famous for its nicknames Kris or Kristy, for short. 

7. Lena 

Lena is an English-derived name that means “bright” and “beautiful.” The name has earned its spot in the top Swedish female names as it is multicultural and straightforward. Lena is also known as a varied form of Helena. 

8. Emma 

It is a German-originated name that means “universal.” The name was based on the Germanic ermen root and associated with royalty a few centuries back. The name is also tied to the infamous actresses Emma Stone and Emma Watson. Emma is indeed simple yet modernized in terms of its meaning and roots, claiming its spot as one of the top Swedish female names until today. 

9. Kerstine 

Kerstin is another variation of Kirsten and Kerstina, is a Swedish-based name that means “A Christian,” as the name implies. Like a few other Swedish female names, Kerstine is unsurprisingly religious in nature. 

10. Marie

A French version of the name Mary is a Hebrew, French-originated name that means “drop of the sea” and “dearly beloved.” The name has been associated with some known figures such as Marie Antoinette, the French Queen, and Marie Osmond, an American singer. Marie is one of the most deeply rooted Swedish female names on the list. 

Popular Scandinavian girl names 

In contrast to Swedish girl names, Scandinavian names are generally sourced from nature and Norse myths. With that being said, here are the top Scandinavian girl names you should consider.

1. Mia 

Mia is an Italian, Scandinavian-based name that means “mine” or “bitter.” It is the pet form of the well-known Maria, rooted in Miryam (its Hebrew name). Though it may seem like a subtle name as one of the famous Swedish girl names, it has claimed its sport for its likeability and simplicity by many parents. 

2. Hallie 

Hallie is both an English- and Scandinavian-originated name that means “dweller at the hall meadow.” It is also a simplified and shortened version of Haralda or Halimeda. 

3. Rayne 

Rayne works for both boys and girls, and it is based in Scandinavia and Israel, which means “counsel,” “song,” or “queen.” It is also a variation of Rain or Rayna. 

4. Rayna

Based on Hebrew origins, Rayna means “the song of the Lord.” The initial spelling of the name is associated with Hebrew, Slavic, and Scandanavian cultures. It is also a varied version of Reina and Reyna. 

5. Ursule 

Ursule, a variation of Ursula, is a Scandinavian and Latin-based name that means “little she-bear.” Its varied version Ursula has been carried by renowned public figures such as Ursula Andress (actress) and Ursula Le Guin (writer). 

6. Valkyrie 

Valkyrie originates from Norse roots that mean “chooser of the slain.” Based on Norse myths, valkyries are known as female warriors that dictate men’s fate in battle and are the ones that carry the spirits of those who fell in battle to Valhalla, where the god Odin resides. 

7. Lidwina 

Lidwina is a name that ties back to Scandinavian roots that means “the friend of the people” and “protector.” The name is based on Ancient Germanic elements: liudiz and winiz, which translates as people and friends. 

8. Olga 

Olga is an Old Norse and Scandinavian-based name which means “holy,” “blessed,” or “successful.” The name is also renowned in Russia, as it is carried by Olga Korbut, the infamous USSR gymnast. 

9. Thora 

Thora is a Norse-rooted name that means “goddess of thunder.” As the name suggests, Thora is often associated with the god Thor, the hammer-wielding and (also) thunder god. Thora Birch, an American actress, also carries the name.

10. Norna 

Norna is a Scandinavian-originated name that means “goddess of fate” or “to warn or communicate secretly.” This name is rarely used but is a well-known name as Norna is also a name given to an orchid flower type by Göran Wahlberg, a Swedish Botanist. 

Swedish names for girls 

Each of the Swedish girl names listed is special and beautiful in its way. Whether you prefer short and catchy names or simple yet sophisticated names, the choice is in your hands. May this list serve as a guide, and a sneak-peek into Sweden’s diverse culture and ancestry as you decide on one of the unique Swedish names for girls as your final name of choice. 

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